How are the values of the times that underlie our daily lives, shaped and formed?
Attempting to discover the unknown within the known through unraveling the relationships between various things that exist in the everyday, we hope to create a place to contemplate the meaning of richness in our times.

疾駆/chic is published along with such feelings of inquiry.

The combination of the kanji 「疾」from 「疾走」 (to run like the wind), and「駆」from 「駆動」(driving force), reflects our vision to sprint through and beyond the times while firmly keeping our ground.
Its pronunciation “chic,” as derived from the French spelling, reflects our hopes to convey it in a way that is easy for our readers to grasp and understand, while also harboring an air of sophistication.

The production base for疾駆/chic is Yutaka Kikutake Gallery that is involved in developing various projects with artists who produce contemporary artworks.
We will also engage in developing original products “疾駆Drop” born from our various encounters through疾駆/chic, in addition to holding workshops “疾駆 What, What?” in aims to deepen the contents of the publication and connect it to actual practice.

With art as an important base, we start our attempts to create interesting things while traversing fundamental aspects of food, clothing, and housing.